“We like to be right, so that we can feel good”

I nearly forgot about writing anything today. If not for my set reminders on my laptop, I would have showered and went to sleep, flowing into blissful nothingness. Today was a ridiculously long day. I’ve yet to decide if taking social psychology in a 8 week term was a fantastic idea or a dreadful one.

The major reiterated theme of social psychology, is evidently “We as humans do things for primarily two reasons: We like to be right, and we like to feel good. We don’t like being wrong, because we would feel bad if we were wrong, and we don’t like feeling bad.” In all the classes we’ve had so far, we’ve always come back to that. As my prof said, we’re going to be having nightmares about that rule. It’s a fairly easy, and very interesting class (and I LOVE my professor), but the class times are so long (2 hrs and 15 mins). As easy as that seems, I have another 1.5 hr class right before this one, and mornings are so not my thing.

I have no idea how I’m going to fare at the higher university level, where I’m sure average class times hit 3+ hours. I have the attention span of an insect, unless I’m reading something. In which case I can sit for hours and forget that time exists.

Speaking of reading things, I recently found out that the local bookstore near my house is going out of business. Which means everything in there is 30-50% off, until Feb 2014 when they close. The lady in there said that now’s the time to stock up, and I intend to do so (my mom is not at all pleased at the idea of a big book sale, because she’s already upset that I have as many as I do).

As the character Alaska said in John Green’s book…she has that many books so that she’d always have something to read.

It is quite sad to think that they’re going out of business though, as they’ve been in business for 27 years. Ah well. In these times, I’m not that surprised. Ebooks have seriously hurt the “real” book business. And big franchises like Barnes and Noble tend to take the business away with their cafes and fanciness.


I’ve now been called “fat” by every member of my family (I’m not fat by the way, I weigh less than even the borderline weight for my height and age).  It has irritated me to the point where I’ve been working out for 15-30 minutes every day this week. Maybe that’s not exactly healthy motivation, but it is working. If something works, we shall leave it at that.