My internet service decided to screw me over

If you recall, I said the other day that I had a lot of work due this weekend. I didn’t intend for it to impact my post for yesterday, but thanks to AT&T’s shit internet service, I had to pick one over the other. I spent all day (literally, from 9 am to 11 pm) begging my internet to work. It worked in 10 minute increments, so I’d do quarter of an online worksheet, hurry and save it, then wait for the internet to work again half hour later. Needless to say, I barely finished on time, and I also ruined my chances of passing my science class with an A. It’s kind of hard to understand things when you have a few moments to read the question, answer, and save it. 

You may ask why I didn’t go someplace else with decent Wi-Fi, and my answer is that I couldn’t. With my mom and sister out of town, dad preoccupied with some family drama, and younger brother busy playing NBA2K14, I had to be around to keep an eye on my baby brother. I had faith in the bloody internet and it screwed me over, messed up my perfect NaBloPoMo streak. Damn you AT&T. We’ve called them a ridiculous number of times. They come, fix it, and it works for a week. 

Whatever man. I’ll just blame my crap GPA at the end of the semester on them. That’s all. 


Campus is creepy during the summer time

I have classes Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays starting at 8 freaking o’clock in the morning and ending at 12:40 pm (10:15 on Fridays). The campus looks like a ghost town, and it’s deeply unsettling to walk past the coffee shop and find no groups of loud Hispanic guys sitting at the tables in front of it. 

I don’t actually mind the classes. The professors seem okay enough, if a bit boring. Although, that could be because my ex history teacher professor Martins (most amazing teacher ever) spoiled me and now I hold everyone to that standard. My biggest issue is not the math homework, or the immense workload in English, or whatever…it’s keeping my eyes open that early in the morning. 

Cuban coffee will be put to its test from now until June 21, when inshaAllah I will throw my papers in the air, call it a year, and hit the beach.

Or you know… I’ll put everything away quietly, make a cuppa, and curl up on my couch.


Today I had a bit of a chat with a girl that I’ve known for ages, and rarely talk to. I felt horribly bad about never putting aside time for her, and that was my incentive for sitting with her after my second class finished. Honestly, I don’t think pity is a good basis for a relationship, but oh well. Hilariously though, I think she pities me more than I pity her.

I’m not entirely sure what it is about her that throws me. It could be because her favorite time for classes is 7 am (my brain doesn’t function at 7 am) or because she texts the same way she talks, with extra letters on every word and multiple exclamation points at the end of every sentence. Or it could be because she complains about her classes all the time and then misses it when she has a vacation. I don’t really know. She also kind of makes really loud noises with her shoes when she walks, and talks really loudly and squeakily. She asks questions in a demanding way, and my natural “stay away from bullies” reaction kicks in and I end up sounding super defensive when I answer. 

I’m not backbiting because I haven’t mentioned any personal details about this girl, but now I’m feeling guilty any way. I just really don’t want to become close friends to her. It grates my nerves. And I don’t know what to do except for continue making lame excuses for the rest of my life. 

Ha. Me not knowing how to tell someone something. The world must be ending.