Why in god’s name does yesterday’s post say Nov 12th?

That’s kind of counterproductive don’t you think? Sheesh. I know for a fact that I posted it way before midnight too. Get your shit together wordpress.

Everyone has been all uppity about the whole 11/12/13 deal today, except of course in the rest of the world today is 12/11/13…so we all just look more like idiots when we have people going ballistic about how “OMG it’s not gonna happen for another hundred years” (every date is like that. fools.) But then, I suppose everyone else will do that too when next month comes and it’s 11/12/13 in the rest of the world (and of course, 12/11/13 in the U S of A because we cool like that).

I have a feeling my punctuation sucks balls today, but I couldn’t really be bothered.

The Harry Potter Alliance had a fundraiser a little while ago called Equality FTW in which they managed to raise over $100k in about a month’s time. I donated to them (because it’s a freaking awesome cause) and didn’t bother selecting a perk (which for those of you who have been living under a rock, is a new-ish phenomenon of organizations giving something back to those who donate to their cause, everything from wrist bands to online shout-outs to personalized phone calls.) And THEN I saw that Alex Day was signing pages of Twilight (or in his lovely terminology, shitelight) and offering them as perks and I was like, kheretakemymoney. Long story short, I received the thin envelope today completely baffled as to what could be inside. I found a pretty postcard from Hermione Granger (HPA is so adorable) and the LAST PAGE OF SHITELIGHT SIGNED BY ALEX DAY.


Gosh I love that boy. I really do. He’s the epitome of ridiculous awesomeness.

Speaking of ridiculous awesomeness, I also received my latest Amazon steal.


Is that not the most fantastic keychain ever? I was giddy when opening the package. Took forever to get it on my keys, but I managed.

Anyway, it is the end of a pretty good day. Tomorrow I have a review for a math test that will determine whether or not my GPA will go up at all this semester. Fun times.