My dad named me Arabic for “happy and lucky” because I was my parents first child and he hoped I’d be a happy kid (he was wrong, I was miserable as shit). I’m a grandma stuck in a 22 year old girl’s body. Guyanese parents. Follower of Islam. Married in December 2014 to a slightly cocky but adorable and brilliant guy who kisses my face as much as my attention seeking self wants. Born in Bronx, NY, grew up in Miami, FL but am currently living in Queens, NY because of said guy. I like reading, cooking, eating, watching Netflix, walking around places and looking at random stuff for no reason, and sometimes ranting on the internet. Also I hate describing myself and I once asked author Libba Bray how to write about yourself and she said “Do it in mime.” Except of course that was very unhelpful seeing as miming requires a decided LACK of words…so…yea.




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