One of those ambiguous, slightly irritating posts

Can I just say how very hurtful it is to me when I try so very bloody hard to accomplish something, to make a difference, and I’m shot down by the people that matter most to me?

Perhaps this particular situation may be perceived as insignificant and petty by any outside viewer, so I’m not even going to bother explaining. But it’s something that has increasingly bothered me and made me extremely frustrated. 

You know how it is a generally understood concept that young adults wind up feeling lost unless they can do two things…form significant romantic/other relationships with others, and find some kind of way to make a tangible difference. I can safely say I haven’t really managed either. Never mind the relationship bit, the people who I care most about seem to find it impossible that I should ever make any sort of difference in anything on my own. 

I have no idea why, I mean I consider myself a relatively ambitious and talented person. If I do say so myself.