Day 3

In the fourth grade, our teacher let us watch “Maid in Manhattan” in class. I have no idea why, I just remember her putting the movie onto one of the schools rolling TV stands and everyone cheering (except me of course, because I had never heard of it before). 

I remember being distinctly uncomfortable, because clearly, it wasn’t meant to be a children’s movie. I felt as though I was doing something terribly wrong, because I knew my parents would never let me watch a movie like that (I was 8, and still blissfully naive about well…pretty much everything). My teacher laughingly went and stood in front of the TV partially when the brief scene of a butt-naked man came up. I remember turning my face away for the few kisses and very short bit with the two in bed together (if I remember shit correctly, I’ve only ever watched that movie once since). 

I’m not sure why I randomly remembered that today. I wonder if it’s allowed for elementary school teachers to show that kind of stuff in class, as mild as it seems now that I look back on it.  Probably not. Ah innocence. Blissful childish innocence. God, what I’d give for that back. Not knowing anything, at all. I wonder if there are still children who grow up not knowing. It sucks that that’s probably not the case. In our society, kids learn what sex is before they learn long division. 

Speaking of which, we’re totally using long division in my college algebra class. I genuinely laughed when the lesson came up. Who would have thought we’d be actually using that whole DadMumSisterBrother (division, multiplication, subtraction, and bringing the number down… respectively) crap we learned in the third grade ever again. 

Now, if you’ll excuse the complete randomness, I think I’ll go finish my competency evaluation for my forensic psychology class now. 

-NaBloPoMo Day 3


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