Ay… dios mio

Let it be known for the record, that Alex Mica is hot. I haven’t thought that way of a singer for quite a while, probably since I was 13 and in complete love with Lomaticc from Culture Shock. I usually roll my eyes at the male singers and their ridiculous lyrics and general stupidity. Alex Mica isn’t exempt from the ridiculous lyrics (they’re hilarious actually) & I’m not sure about his level of intelligence, but I can’t seem to bring myself to care. 

Just… look at the amazingness. I must have watched that video 20 times in the past two days. His face though…

Really, I’m acting like some kind of hormonal, stupid teenager. I should probably stop. I’m annoying myself. 

This post is (hopefully) the first of 30 consecutive daily posts, for NaBloPoMo, which I’m attempting for the first time. I don’t actually have time to write anything of substance today, so hopefully the good stuff will flow later on. I have a crapload of coursework to do this weekend. Most of it is not necessarily due this weekend, but I’ve been seriously trying not to procrastinate this semester and thus far, it’s been going fairly well. 

I have a feeling this post is incredibly grammatically incorrect, but I couldn’t be bothered to proofread anything right now. Until tomorrow then.


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