I tend to write ridiculous things at the beginning of every year

For example, this is the first page out of the journal I bought for the new year:

Here’s to a fresh start. Here’s to thinking, writing, existing, living outside the box. Here’s to balance. Here’s to living for this world as though I’ll live forever, and living for the akhirah as though I’ll die tomorrow. Here’s to appreciating family, friends, health, and happiness. Here’s to being patient and strong through the inevitable misery. Here’s to success. To smiles. To learning from, and growing with, all of those around you. Here’s to less planning, less talking, and more doing. More writing. Here’s to asking Allah’s mercy, blessings, and guidance in everything you do. Here’s to buying less pretty journals and to writing more in the ones that you’ve already been blessed with. 🙂 Here’s to finding new quirks, new friends, and creating new traditions. Here’s to individuality, to interdependence, and to freedom. Here’s to less “religion” and to more lifestyle changes and spirituality. Here’s to calling upon Allah more often. Here’s to love, life, and laughter. Here’s to less cliches and more filling up blank pages with fresh ideas. 

Jan 8, 2013

Needless to say, I might have written two more pages after this and the book was tossed atop my desk to be abandoned until very recently. I kind of like the way the words flow, now that I look at it. I tend to write on like, scraps of paper, admire it, and toss it out quite often. So it’s a fairly rare thing to look back at something I wrote more than a few weeks ago (with the exception of whatever I get around to writing on here). 

Ramadan is right around the corner (it is currently Saturday, and Ramadan is expected to start on coming Tuesday or Wednesday), and I desperately want to like, blog daily or something. I’m debating whether to start a “Ramadan” blog or if to just go with this one and place the posts in their own category. Either way, I plan to do it.

In the words of Sid… “Discipline. If I don’t do it, then I’ve failed. I can’t afford to fail. I’m the only person in the world capable, and it’s almost hopeful knowing that amongst all this it can all be done.”

I love Sid. ❤


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